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Elco Plastics Profile


To become a leading PVC compound supplier.


Our mission is to:

  • Create wealth for our shareholders, employees and the community
  • Supply our customers quality products and services at competitive prices
  • Ensure the longevity and success of our company through expanding markets and continuing to service our existing business
  • Being innovative in developing products for the benefit of our customers and the environment
  • Improve production efficiency and quality by upgrading production facilities
  • Working as partners with our employees to achieve success by making work challenging, exciting and rewarding
  • Maintain the highest levels of ethics in our relationships with suppliers, customers and professional associates

Professional Associations

Elco Plastics is a member of the Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) and is committed to its product stewardship programme. This includes our commitment to the sustainable and responsible formulations used in our products.

  • View our SAVA Membership Certificate
  • For more information, visit SAVA's website

    • Black Economic Empowerment

      Elco Plastics is committed to developing the skills of our employees. By developing their skills through various means, including the provision of a learnership in Plastics Manufacturing, we create the opportunity for accelerated development.

      We have had success stories of unemployed people joining our learnership who grew into senior level staff.

      We are committed to the BEE Rating process and we get rated annually by an independent rating agency.

      Commitment to Quality

      We pride ourselves as a leader in quality within the industry.

      We have a company-wide commitment to quality which ensures the customer receives a thoroughly checked product conforming to all the customer specifications.

      Customer Satisfaction

      In addition to our quality commitment to ensure a satisfied customer, we are also committed to the best service in the industry.

      We treat our customers with honesty, integrity and professionalism.